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Tales Of Glory will be available on May, 31st exclusively on Steam Store


May 2017

200 soldiers on the battlefield

Lots of improvements on the game engine were made this weekend. I am now able to spawn no more than 200 active soldiers on the battlefield when i was painfully reaching 80 active soldiers two days ago. Sooooooo impressive in VR. i'll upload a video soon.
Last official bugs are worrected. The game is READY !

May, 4th : New Tales Of Glory Easter-egg

Some of these beauties have been hidden on battlefields. Only a true master may find them... and maybe find what comes with it...

StrongHolds change its name to Tales Of Glory

The game originally called StrongHolds change its name to Tales Of Glory. StrongHolds was far too similar with the Stronghold game series made by FireFly Studios. Lots of work to change the logo and title everywhere and i've still some work to do on editing videos.

April 2017

New teaser

New teaser created by friends for the game. As for the game, i've bought a Vive headset to fully test the game and ensure the experience is perfect on the Vive too... and it is !

March 2017

Game Tutorial

I've created an inGame detailled tutorial for everyone to master the game mechanics.

First official trailer - Greenlighted on Steam

I've just received the confirmation from Steam that my game is "GreenLighted". Time to begin the administrative work...
As for the game, 3 new battlefields were added. The game is nearly finished and i'm begining the "Test phase". Villagers are good to go but i think there is a lot of room for further improvements.

February 2017

Game engine partially rewrited

Game logic was totally changed as first results where not good enough. Enemy AI and Order system had to be totally rewrited. More than 30 animations were added to NPCs.
So far, i've created 8 different battlefields and begin to work on villagers AI
Lot of work was done on sound design & music to ensure a perfect immersion with more than 3500 sounds wich had to be handpicked

January 2017

Game engine is nearly finished

After 1 month of hard work, the 1st iteration of the game engine is nearly finished with avatar movement, enemy AI, primary order system and game logic, physically based hit detection, character animation, etc.
A lot of work was made to improve performance and maintain a lot of NPCs on the battlefield, wich means FUN !

The video was made to share with friends and get feedback.

November 2016

The adventure begin

My Occulus is here. I've been documenting for a while on how to create a game and been playing "Onward" to study the game mechanics. My idea is to create a VR version of "Mount and Blade" battles. Let's go !